Clone Hero: ARuFa – My Dreams, Stupidly Shittily Infinitely Appearing (EN cover) [Chart Preview]

Clone Hero: ARuFa – My Dreams, Stupidly Shittily Infinitely Appearing (EN cover) [Chart Preview]

こんにちは、oりOタです。 / Konnichiwa, oriOta desu.
突然ですが皆さんには、いつか実現したいと思っている夢はありますか? / Quick question to everyone, have you ever had a dream that you want to achieve some day?
これはマジな話なのですが、僕にはメッチャクチャあります。 / This may seem like a serious topic, but really what I have is something fucking dumb.

End of the reference to the linked article.
Anyway, hi! I did a cover of ぼくの夢、メチャクソ無限湧き in English. And am releasing it with a chart on Clone Hero. Is that allowed? I hope so…
Following a little incident that happened on the end of April 2020, I felt a little demotivated on what I wanted to do. (If you were there then, you’d know… don’t talk about it~) However, I still subconsciously wanted to do a project like this again. So! After finally listening to this song, I felt like I had to give covering this a try!

This song is pretty funny actually. It had クソ (kuso) in the title. To the non-weebs (and the weebs who still refuse to learn Japanese), this is a word similar to FUCK or SHIT in that it’s a curse word, but is perceived as a rather mild one like DARN or CRAP. But I couldn’t resist! The actual word, メチャクソ (mechakuso) is a combination of クソ and メチャクチャ (mechakucha) which means “absurd”. It basically means a level of absurdity similar to shit. So I dragged out the title to help fit with the lyrics – which were also quite funny. And fast. I’m surprised I managed to pull off singing that! Check them out when you aren’t distracted by the chart sometime? I nabbed the instrumental version of the song that Marvelous put out a month after the song was added – wow, is it so much easier to hear fast lead like that. And don’t mind the half-chords. If I do get bored in the future, I might make a vCH or so…!?

I started singing only a week after the charting process was done, then took another break before actually putting it all together (and re-recording some lines) due to my family visiting. ARuFa has a pretty masculine voice, which meant I didn’t have to resort to doing an ori voice. Thus, my voice is completely unaltered when singing this. Aside from some background chanting that I also decided to provide, which were filtered and can’t be heard under these speakers and the mixing without listening closely (which, by the way, is actually under ori voice), no other manipulation was done. That also means that the speed is unchanged and I really had to do this word salad that fast. It’s a bit weird, but I always chose to train my tongue before recording on a fast song, like Eminem’s Godzilla. The only problem is that I could end up singing too fast; you might here me slip up in Verse 2… Ah, well! Now I wonder if someone else is interested in performing under these lyrics – if they even can…?

I also kind of maybe liked how the jacket art turned out – it’s based off the actual jacket used in WACCA, like the many many covers of this song with their own art. There’s a lot of little easter eggs I included in reference to my circle of Clone Hero folks, real life shops, and even a secret character~ And ori’s eyes are only censored by a black bar to pay a nod to ARuFa himself (her real detailed eyes are under there) – and again, most other covers with art did this. I went and rushed the non-human parts of the art, so it’s pretty flat. But it’s not too bad; not like you’ll be actively seeing it a lot. Right? RIGHT!?

I wanted to set things right.
And I will be taking more vocal opportunities if I can – ori voice or not! This one for sure is going public (hello one last time, reader!) and if I crash and burn, at least it’s not on something morale-damaging~
See y’all.

– o.O

Original song by ARuFa & t+pazolite & Camellia: